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Lead Inspection & Risk Assessment:




The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health both offer extensive information and guidelines with regard to environmental contaminants. 

Please educate yourself on the health risks of radon, asbestos, mold and lead. Specifically regarding lead, we suggest you review the information on this page, and explore the links provided.

Though lead has many beneficial uses, and was used extensively in the past, it is toxic to humans, causing serious health effects, especially to children.

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As Real Estate Agents and Home Sellers, you play an important role in protecting the health of families purchasing and moving into your home. Homes built before 1978 are very likely to have lead-based paint.

The Lead Residential Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Program (Section 108 of Title X) details certain requirements with regard to disclosure.

Home Tech Inspections is a Lead Safe Certified Firm in the Jurisdiction of all EPA Administered States, Tribes and Territories, Certification #NAT-F-156616-1 (This applies to NY, not CT)

Vincent Coakley is an EPA Certified Lead Based Paint Inspector,  #LBP-R-l193201-1, and a Lead Based Paint Risk Assessor,  #LBP-R-l193201-1 (This applies to NY, not CT)

We provide Lead Inspection and Lead Risk Assessment Services associated with a Home Inspection or, more commonly, as a standalone inspection.

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