Infrared Thermography:

An infrared inspection detects temperature variations in building components using advanced thermal imaging technology.

By measuring infrared radiation from surfaces and materials, infrared imaging allows us to get a view of some otherwise unseen and unnoticed issues in a property.

For instance, we detect:

  • Air infiltration around windows and doors.

  • Areas of missing insulation in floors, walls, ceilings and roofs.

  • Moisture due to roof leaks, ineffective flashing or caulking, plumbing leaks or condensation.

  • Faults - and energy wastage -  in the electrical system.

  • Leakage of heat or cold air from the heating or cooling systems.

We use infrared on most home inspections. It helps to give us - and our client - a view of the home's energy movements, and a visual understanding of how it works.

Though the use of Infrared Technology is a boon to the Home Inspection Industry, misinterpretation of results is common - adequate training, proper selection and use of equipment, image analysis, and verification of findings, is of the utmost importance:

A trained Infrared Inspector can analyze infrared images to:

  • Distinguish between hot spots and reflections, direct versus indirect readings and moisture versus air infiltration /exfiltration. 

  • Account for measurement effects such as distance and surface emissivity.

  • Establish predictive inspection and maintenance applications and protocols.


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